• The TDLAS technology is adopted for in-situ online gas analyzing
  • Double-proof probe design negates positive pressure purge, with no addition data processing unit,a simple compact structure and high reliability
  • Using high-power lasers, no fiber coupling, suitable for harsh working conditions (such as excessive dust)
  • Using the patented technology of spot light path adjustment, easy for on-site installation

Modulate Laser (Tunable) Wavelength By Using The Current And Temperature To Scan The Specific Absorption Peak Of The Measured Gases (No Background Gas Absorption) And Then Get The Second Harmonic Of The Gas Absorption. By Using The Second Harmonic Information And Broadening Of The Gas, The Concentration Of The Gas Can Be Calculated.


Sensor & SamplingGas Ranges & Application dependent.
DisplayDigital Standard LED optional alphanumeric display
Power Supply100-290VAC/47-63HZ
Ambient Temp0-50吏� C
EnclosureAluminium casing (power coated) for indoor application
MountingStandard: 19″ Rackmounted
OptionalFlush on Panel/Tabletop
Warm Uptime:Analysis Detectordependent
AlarmsTwo Level (selectable range)
Sample Gas conditionTemp:0-50吏퇒, Pressure: Lessthan 1.5Kg/cm, The gas should be dry& clean. Other than this suitable sample, Conditioning system isrequired.
CalibrationManual, On command in microprocessor based system.

The above Parameter and Ranges are only indicative. Endee will build up and supply the analyser with Parameters, range and features to any Practical Configuration.

Note : Specifications and Features will vary with application. The above are established and validated during design, but are not to be construed as test criteria for every product. Due to endee’s commitment to research, design and product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice


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