Absolute Moisture Analyzers TM100


Absolute Moisture Analyzers TM100

This fully microprocessor controlled precision moisture analyser is a high technology solid state unit designed to operate in rough field service is available as a portable, field mounting rack / panel mounting versions. The high quality LC-display shows th moisture in ppm.

  • Compatible with most gases / vapours
  • Designed for rough field use
  • High quality lc-display
  • Direct ppm moisture measurement
  • Fast response
  • Very high sensitivity
  • Zero- / span – calibration
  • Regeneratable sensor

The sensor contains a highly hygroscopic solid electrolyte that absorbs moisture present in the sample and creates an electrolysis current directly proportional to the moisture content.

A knowledge of the gas flow rate and the current in the cell gives an absolute measure of the moisture contained in the sample gas. The sensor is suitable for all corrosive & other gases and materials in contact with the sample are glass / teflon, platinum or rhodium, and the selected material of the sensor holder.

The special transfer of the sample-gas through the sensor, combined with a high quality surface provides fast response and minimizes the tailing effect. This benefit is especially important when monitoring low ppm-concentration. Sensor is a regeneratable and can be expedileously done at site.


Measurement Range0-10, 100, 1000, 2000 PPM or Dew Point -90 deg.C to 0 deg.C
Sensitivity0.1 PPM
Accuracy+/-2 % of Reading or 0.4 PPMv
Response Time90% within 60 sec.
Display typeAlphanumeric LCD/LED optional
Sample Connections1/8in. Tube
Sample Pressure0.25 to 10 Bar
Sample Flow100cc/min-controlled
Sample & Ambient Temp0-50 deg.C
Sensor Body196 X 100 X 40 mm ABS ENCLOSURE
Weight1/2 KG
Computer InterfaceRS-232 link for Data in ASCII Delimited Format, 2400 Baud
8 Bits, 1 Stop, 1 Start, No Parity.
Computer InterfaceRS-232 link for Data in ASCII Delimited Format, 2400 Baud
8 Bits, 1 Stop, 1 Start, No Parity.
Data Logger32 Kbyte, Non-Volatile Memory
AccessoriesCharger working on 230V AC 50 Hz,
Instruction manual, calibration test certificate,
Leather carrying case, 5LPM flow meter,
2 mtr teflon tubing


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