Multi Gas Analyzer PA 960


Multi Gas Analyzer PA 960

  • Complete Automatic operation Complete Automatic operation includinc Calibration, “ON – OFF” & “SAMPLE” Keys only.
  • Self diagnostic check Self diagnostic check & specific fault indication, Discrete LEDs for Sample Flow, Sensor Efficiency & Battery Condition.
  • Self-integrity Check Continuous on-line full self-integrity check eliminates wrong measurements due to Instrument Faults.
  • USER Friendly Visual Messages on status on functioning.
  • 16 Charachters 2 line LCD Display messages
  • Proven Sensor Technology Special purpose long life Sensors with Cross Interference filters to achieve high accuracy.
  • Oxygen Sensor Guaranteed for 4 years. Display of Concentrations Continuous, Stable & Automation display of concentrations – ensures maximum accuracy & reliability.

Sensor Technologies Analyser is built up using sensors technology to suit specific application. Batteries Long life rechargeable batteries. Diffusion or Suction with Time tested, sturdy, high suction in-built pump supervisory circuit continuously monitors the pump against failure. Disposable Cartridge Line Filter & Moisture Separator Low porosity, disposable cartridge line filter & moisture separator suitably conditions the sample.

Calibration A built-in procedure allows easy and automatic span sensor calibration using stand; 3rd gas cylinder. Periodic zero calibration is automatic on demand. Electronic Flow Meter An automatic built-in system measures a flow of sampling gas to obtain a constant sampling volume. Multi Fuel Selection The fuel efficiency analyser can be programmed for selection upto 10 fuels for calculating combustion values.

Gas Probes & Sampling System Flue gas sampling probes with different lengths, shapes i and max, operating temperatures Upto 1600째C are available to match various requirements of different applications. A sintered pre-filter is suggested for severe and having dust loded applications. Heated Sampling Hose A heated sampling Hose is available for high temperature applications. A heated hose allows flue gas sampling without condensation. Continuous Monitoring The industrial design and the advanced technology applied to the unit, allows it to perform long term gas analysis

PROBES – APPLICATION SPECIFIC AVAILABLE Ambient CO Probe An optional probe to monitor ambient CO concentration to keep the operator in a safe environment. Gas Sniffer Probe To detect and locate the precise position of a gas leak in a pipe network or equipment. Smoke Index Smoke Index measurement can be obtained using a specia 1 heated probe, supplied on request, and through a dedicated internal procedure that computes the required volume of gas sample flowing into the specific filter. The results can be obtained by comparison with the Smoke Index Table.

Gas Velocity An internal procedure allows gas velocity measurements using the differential pressure inlet combined with a pitot tube. Report of Calibration Each instrument is factory calibrated and certified against Endee’s Standard Gasses and shipped with a Report of Calibration stating the nominal and actual values and the deviation error. Quality System Research, development, production, inspection and certification activities are defined by methods and procedures of the Endee’s System inspected for compliance and certified ISO 9001.


DisplayHigh quality Alpha Numeric LCD.
CalibrationAutomatic Zero On Start with fresh air sample.
SPAN Calibrationautomatic with calibration gas.
Response TimeVlaximum 20 seconds at 95% variation
Power SupplyInternal battery pack with external charger 220V/50 Hz
Working Temperature-5Deg.Cto 55Deg.C
Storage Temperature-20Deg.C to45Deg.C
External Dimension170X100X130 mm
Weight1.5 Kg
Probe(optional)(i) 8mm, Dia SS 600 mm length with 2 meter Hose Probes of other material & length available.
(ii) Sniffer Probe : To detect & locate the precise position of Gas leak in a pipe network.
AccessoriesLeather case with shoulder strap, battery charger, operational manual.

The above Parameter and Ranges are only indicative. Endee will build up and supply the analyser with Parameters, range and features to any Practical Configuration.

Note : Specifications and Features will vary with application. The above are established and validated during design, but are not to be construed as test criteria for every product. Due to endee’s commitment to research, design and product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice


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