Relative Humadity Transmitters


Relative Humadity Transmitters

Endee Model RHT 98 Relative Humidity Transmitter are Precision instrument designed for monitoring Relative Humidity or Moisture in rugged industrial application and environment.

  • Direct Digital Relative Humidity Readout.
  • 0-100% RH Range.
  • Highly Sensitive & Accurate.
  • Long Life CMOS IC Sensor.
  • Maintenance Free Washable Sensor.
  • One Point Field Calibration.
  • Optimised Over the -40 deg.C to +80 deg.C.
  • No Separate Temp. Monitoring Required.
  • Integral or Remote Mounting Probe.

Endee Relative Humidity Controllers are designed for monitoring Relative Humidity in rugged industrial use. They employ advanced digital technology to provide reliable and highly accurate Relative Humidity Measurement with excellent repeatability & linearity range of 0-100% Humidity is optimised over the temperature range of -40deg.C to +80deg.C as such seperate temperature measurement is not required.

The well proven Capacitive CMOS IC Sensor offer exceptional resistance to common contaminants like organic vapours. They are washable, don’t require clean environment or a constant supply of moisture or frequent servicing.

Incorporating the state of the art design and latest sensing principle these transmitters provide a quick payback through significant reduction in maintenance costs and providing accuracies that direct contribute to the quality of the product.


Range0-100% RH.
Minimum Resolution0.1%
SensorCO MOS IC Capacitive Sensor
Sensor ProtectionTeflon Filter or Sintered Metallic Filter optional
CalibrationSingle Point Field Calibration
Accuracy<±0.2% of range span
Operating Temp. (Optimised )-40deg.C to +85deg.C
Storage Temp.0-50 deg.C
Temp. CompesationOptimised for operating temp. measurement
Power2-Wire, 24V Loop Powered (DC)
HousingHigh Impact Plastic
Dimension120 X 120 X 100 X (D) in mm
Response TimeLess than 10Sec. for 70% step Change
Output4-20mA linear (max load 600 ohms)
Calibration AdjustmentZero & Span
Power Consumption0.5 W
Ordering InformationModel : I – Integral Sensor
R- Remote Sensor


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