Portable Gas Monitors 94


Portable Gas Monitors 94

Compact, Light Weight Intelligent Unit with Application Specific Sensors Sensitive to PPB / PPM Or %V/V levels of Gases & Vapors.The advanced Micro controller technology employed makes these ALERT METERS highly dependable, reliable and accurate. The complete automatic operation and calibration feature leaves no.

  • Complete Automatic Operation
  • Self Diagnostic Check
  • Backlit Alphanumeric Display
  • Diffusion or Suction Sampling
  • Audio & Visual Battery Alarms
  • Simultaneous Display of Gas Name And Concentration
  • Intrinsically Safe

No Scope for user error These Compact, self contained and intrinsically safe designed instrument housed in a weather proof high impact plastic case are powered with a replaceable 4 X 1.2V Dc battery. On switching ‘ON’, the instrument goes thorough its complete self integrity check, and displays factory set Warn and Alarm values before indicating ‘Ready’ for monitori ng While in Operation, the instrument monitors the work place continuously giving the latest update concentration of designated Gas through diffusion sampling.

Suction sampling is possible with an optional manual or battery operated pump and adaptor. The poison resistant Pellister or long life, integrally mounted electrochemical Sensors with inbuilt cross interference filters are gas specific. Optionally the sensors can be mounted on an extension cable for monitoring inaccessible locations before entry. The instruments emits an audible beep every 15 sees that provides confidence to the user that he is well protected. Audio, Visual also Warn and Alarms protect him from hazardous situations.


Overall Ranges PPB / PPM / %V/V / %LEL
Sampling Method Diffusion (D) or Suction (S)
Principle Specific to Application
Sensor Life 2-5 years
Measurement Continuous
Readout 0.1 or 1 PPM / % as applicable
Accuracy ± 2% & 0.5% for oxygen
Repeatability ± 1%
Response Time < 10 seconds at 95% variation
Alarms Low & HI Visual and Audible (Different Tones)
Low Battery Alarms Audio & Visual
Power Supply Standard 6 VDc Battery
Battery Life 6 to 8 hours
Housing High Impact Plastic (ABS)
Size & Weight 119(H) X 80(L) X 25(D); 135 gm
Temperature Range 0-55 °C
Warranty One year


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