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Portable Gas Monitors
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MOdel 84
Special Features
  • Special for VOC’s Photo Ionization based sensor.
  • Measuring Range 0-20 PPM & 0-2000 PPM.
  • Audible Alarm & Inbuilt Sampling System.
  • Ideal for Confined Space Entry Testing.
  • Leak Assessments, Arson Investigation &
  • Hazardous Materials response Monitoring.
    The VOC-700 also offers simple auto calibration. Its available in two ranges 0 - 20 PPM (Model VOC-700-1) High ranges can be configured upto 5000 PPM. and High Range 0 - 2000 PPM (Model VOC-700-2). The monitor is based on a photo ionization detector (PID). The sample gas is from a lamp. The light emitted by the lamp ionizes the targeted gases in the by the instrument and reported as a concentration. Chemicals such as VOCs < 10.6 eV will be detected by photo ionization. exposed to an ultraviolet light sample so they can be detected with an ionization potential
  • Model 84
    Model 84
  • Target Gases
  • VOC & other gases with Ionization Potential < 10.6eV
  • Case
  • High Impact PC/ABS
  • Dimensions
  • 170 X 100 X 130 mm approximately
  • Detector
  • Plug-in PID (Photo Ionization Detector)
  • Ionization Lamp Energy
  • 10.6 eV Standard
  • Measuring Ranges
  • i) 0-20 PPM ii) 0 - 2000 PPM
  • Resolution
  • Minimum Detectable Quantity
    i) 0.1 PPM (Isobutylene) for Range 1 ii) 0.1 PPM for Range 2
  • Power Source
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Sample Flow Rate
  • 0.5 LPM
  • Temperature Range
  • 14°F to 104°F (0°C to 50°C) typical
  • Humidity Range
  • 0 to 90% RH (Non-Condensing)
  • Response Time
  • < 20 seconds
    The above Parameter and Ranges are only indicative. Endee will build up and supply the analyser with Parameters, range and features to any Practical Configuration.

    Note : Specifications and Features wil 1 vary with application. The above are established and validated during design, but are not to be construed as test criteria for every product. Due to endee's commitment to research, design and product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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